because they’re very good at it Oh, i got into Artist Alley at Anime North. Also, a bunch of us will be at Sakuracon -but no table. If you have one and would enjoy our company, please leave a message. We liek to know which weirdoes to avoid.

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Note: Review copy provided by Razzmatazz. After the success of Starlight Vega and the sexy contributions in Catch Canvas the one I dubbed Razzmatazz (Razz from Razzart Visual) and Friends had returned with their second Visual Novel about a very interesting yuri subgenre. Question is whether it was another big hit or was the studio […]

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When I was younger, I consumed books. Every Saturday morning was spent pouring through another story after breakfast until I was kicked outside by my parents to do yardwork. When I fell ill — this happened fairly regularly — books would pile up underneath my pillow. I slept flat, without a pillow or on my […]

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Version 2 release date : ~27th February Here is the chart for the upcoming Spring 2017 anime season. This chart will be updated every few weeks until it is considered ‘complete”. Before you download the chart, make sure you have read the Terms of Use section just below. Thank you. Low Quality Version :[JPG/4.4MB] Click…

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Artists in Japan and around the world are raving about this handy new tool. The world of digital editing and design can be a difficult one to navigate for beginners more used to working with traditional materials like paint and paper. But now there’s an easy way to create digital masterpieces, thanks to a new…

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Limitless shabu-shabu for less than the price of a fast food beef bowl. From its name, most people would expect Japanese restaurant chain Onyasai to offer a huge variety of salads and other vegetarian fare, After all, Onyasai literally translates to “warm vegetables,” and is usually used to refer to a medley of steamed veggies.…

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