Don’t question me. It’s the toothbrushing scene. O.o


I’m in love with Nisemonogatari. I’m in love with it so much I had to rewatch the infamous toothbrush scene numerous times last night. Instead of studying for my US Politics exam, I just wanted to see teeth being brushed.

During my psychology class at morning, all I could hear was Karen’s moaning. So I did the proper thing and asked my psychology teacher this simple question:

Can brushing a girl’s teeth actually arouse her?

My psychology teacher used to be a surgeon and decided to teach high school level plus college-level psychology; he was also friendly and cool. Pretending to be a curious, aspiring student, I asked him after class and he, with a straight face, replied to me with strong, definitive answers. He took me seriously as a student, not as a jester. It surprised me and I started taking mental notes on my head. Now, I…

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