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Don’t ask why. This anime cannot be passed up. It’s arguably my favorite anime series so I’m a little biased.


This is the first of a maddeningly good pair of anime, based on a series of light novels. It is by turns clever, funny, erotic, perverotic, over the top, opaque, and incomplete. Monogatari (ものがたり, also 物語) means tales, or stories, or the story of. It applies both to national epics, like the 650 year old Tale of the Heike, and to modern collections of children’s stories. Here we have Bake (ghost, monster) stories, and later I will talk about Nise (fake) stories. They center on 3rd year high school student Araragi Koyomi, a human who was briefly a vampire and now retains a small amount of superhuman strength, rapid healing, and a vampire servant as a result.

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