Sucks that it finished a few weeks back. It had good potential,. I haven’t finished reading it yet though.

I Am Only Myself

Will you, in sickness and in health, risk your lives and walk together on the thorny path that lies ahead?

Weekly Shonen Jump is known for being very strict with their series. As a result, when something doesn’t grab a wide audience immediately, it typically gets kicked out rather quickly. However, there are times when a series performs poorly and just barely survives as everything beneath it is simply doing worse. magico is one such series that managed to hang on as a result of that.

magico covers the life of a girl named Emma. She has the body of something known as “Echidna” inside of her. This “Echidna” is the source of unlimited power, but she has no access to it herself. Other people can get it by killing her and gouging out her heart. However, if she marries someone and goes through the eponymous “Magico” wedding ritual with…

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