Judging by the three of the four works by NisiOisiN that have been made into anime, the “light” in “light novel” barely seems to apply to his repertoire. In a typical Ishin work you will get deliberately verbose dialogue ripe with puns and comic gags, often deeply alluding to Japanese pop culture, all to culminate in a paranormal scenario that reveals a philosophical point. This is truest perhaps in the latest anime adaptation in the monogatari series, Nisemonogatari.

Nisemonogatari, as a primer, is a continuation of an earlier anime adaptation, Bakemonogatari, but succeeds in being a series of its own. I will assume that the reader of this post is familiar with Bakemonogatari, and will merely add, in lieu of a thorough synopsis, that this later series focuses instead on Koyomi’s two sisters, Karen (who is victimized by a supernatural bee) and Tsukihi (whose identity, to say without spoilers, is…

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