Accany's VN Dump

Hahaha! Actually I totally forgot about the blog and went on with my life XD. Well Add poked me about writing an article and I…. was lazy but here I am again doing what I always do. Imma go study in Digipen in a few weeks but who cares right? EVERYONE COMES HERE FOR REVIEWS RIGHT? SO LET’S GET THE SHOW ON THE ROADDDDDDDD!

Official site



Some Rubbish Information

Company = PULLTOP

Scenario = 紺野アスタ (Natsu no ame)、七烏未奏 (Fosett, however it’s spelled)、奥田港

Genre = Slice of school life romance

What’s so special = A good storyline, Yoru, Cute characters, Yoru, a rather different take on a club AND MY YORUUUU

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