I’ve been playing this a few days now! It’s pretty fun and it’s my first time playing a VN so I’m excited.

Fox Diary

Derp~ I forgot about the post for yesterday, so here’s the Section 2 continuation.

Section 2: Katawa Shoujo (VN)

Katawa Shoujo literally means “disabled/broken girl”. It’s a VN about our main character, you (Hisao) and your adaptation to a new school environment, specially catered to students who need constant medical care. You are enrolled in the school after your crush confesses to you under a tree and you get a heart attack. You are diagnosed with Arrhythmia and your parents decide to give you a chance to study as a normal student by sending you to a school specially catered to students with healthcare requirements. How ironic. Nevertheless, you don’t have a choice to refuse so you accept the inevitable and try to fit into the new school environment. You meet various girls and you play to get into a relationship with the girls in question.

My first play, completely…

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