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…Fan Service.

Weather you love it or hate it there’s no avoiding it, espeially when it comes to something very popular. Take Anime for example. While the overwhelming majority of Fan Service doesn’t bother me, there are five that I utterly cannot stand. While none of the five have stopped me from watching/enjoying an Anime YET, in my experiece it’s needlessly over the top. Maybe it’s because of my age or maybe it’s because I think regular Anime and Hentai need to be kept distinctly separate. Oh, well. Speaking of Hentai, I will cover that in a future blog (No pics or video so don’t get any ideas).

#5. Dominating Mary Sue-ish Personality

It’s even more annoying when alot of time is spent on them. We can argue this ’til the cows come home but Goku is NOT a Mary Sue. He makes most of his victories look effortless but…

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