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“Love is something that you can give or take but it is not something that can be bought or sold away.”

Kokoro Connect #8: The Abusive Lover

An argument starts in the club room and goes a bit too far. Taichi and Aoki are at each other necks as they fight over who cares about Yui more. Iroi steps in the middle of it to keep them from going any farther. She was probably thinking to herself  “Who cares about Yui, What about Me?!”. I mean what girl doesn’t what two boys fighting over her. But as Iroi tries to put the argument to a halt Taichi knocks Iroi to the ground. Luckily  for Iroi she left with a minor bump on the head. This is a sad case of “tough love”. She must really love him because I would got back up and let him have it.


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