Can’t wait!

Ero and Games

Every pessimist and Capcom hater is expecting the news to be Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting (iOS/Android) but anyone with a brain knows you wouldn’t be hyping up a mobile game announcement for a year. There are four options at this point, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD ver., Monster Hunter Tri G, Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Frontier.

  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, HD ver.

The PSP is dead and dying and in Japan. Monster Hunter is still fairly niche in the west so there is no way Capcom will bother localizing P3rd for PSP. HD ver. is another story however. It’s an upressed port of P3rd for PS3. The reason that might have a shot is simply because it’s on PS3. It would be OK if they localized this and I’d take it but knowing that Tri G exists with way more content would be a bit hard to live with.

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