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The Dark Flame Master is the strongest

Can Yuuta have the strength to pull Rikka back to him?


Yuuta’s been thinking about his confrontation with Sanae on the train platform as Rikka left, and he starts to get it. Why did he let Rikka leave? Why did he keep telling her to abandon her delusions about the true meaning of the world? And he keeps hoping she’ll come back, even spies on her apartment to see if she will. Yuuta also gets another lesson from the sage of the show, Mori Summer. Shinka obviously can’t really figure out what she wants, but she’s realized that her ‘normal high schooler’ act, just like Yuuta’s, is just as fake as being Mori Summer or the Dark Flame Master. In fact, everyone’s learned this lesson, as Sanae shows up at school with her hair long and straight, no twintails, no forehead, and speaking in a normal polite language manner (and…

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