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Shingeki.no.Kyojin.full.1474341At last, my verdict is finally here after 12 episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin. And after 12 weeks of anticipating what will the story be unravelled in this epicly popular anime, my verdict for this anime is: BORING. As always people, this review is based on the episodes I watched from 1-12. So if you haven’t watch some or all of the episodes I mention, you might want to stay away from this review if you hate spoiler

Now, before you all start raging on my opinion, what I meant by this anime being boring is not based on the story plot that this anime offer. I’m actually intrigued by the concept of humans versus Titans although I was hoping for a pure fight, not some boy that could turn into a Titan. I was hoping that humans would eventually exploit the Titans’ weaknesses on their own. However, the concept…

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