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A for Anime!!



Just finished watching this ultra cute supernatural anime and trying everything in my power not to scream because it’s 1:30am and don’t wanna wake the house up! I’m crushing over Miketsukami, just so you know! In the picture we have Sōshi Miketsukami and Ririchiyo Shirakiin.

It’s one of those animes which you just have to watch to get the full feel and guaranteed you’ll fall in LOVE!!! The characters are different and so unique, and so twisted but still you’ll love them! 

Gotta come to the point now, so basically this anime revolves around a bunch of human, who aren’t exactly humans. They are actually descendants of demons. Thus they have supernatural powers and are said to be reincarnation of their ancestors. They tend to have the same personality and memories as those of their ancestors. Somehow these families are pretty well do to and this child who gets the power, throwbacks…

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