Slam Dunk and Kuroko no Basket, two anime that excels in their category, in basketball genre. These two were being compared when Kuroko no Basket was still airing but this issue came to a closure when Kuroko no Basket’s first season ended. However, I’m gonna bring up this ancient issue since I want to evaluate the similarities and differences between these two series that I didn’t manage to do last time and I also want to help those people who is hesitating on trying either of these two. In this evaluation, I’m going to be neutral so I’ll not say any bias thing. I’m just going to evaluate the similarities & differences of both series. Additionally, this contains both facts & conjectures from what I’ve observed.


Slam Dunk possesses a preceding atmosphere. Nonetheless, I clearly recall enjoying it before I discovered Kuroko no Basket until now. You’ll not get tired…

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