Goodbye to spring (lots of shows I dropped there…) and hello to summer. There are so many check-worthy shows planned that if at least a small part of them meet expectations, we are in for a great season.



Tamayura -more aggressive-

Second season of my 3rd favorite 2011 show, so there is no way I would not be watching this. Strong candidate for funniest series’ title of 2013. 

Monogatari Second Season

My feelings towards the franchise are only lukewarm, but I have watched everything up to now, so no reason to stop now.

Ro Kyu Bu SS

Skip vol. 6/10 short stories, present vol. 9 as a 5-minute slideshow and just devote half the season to vol. 7. Please? I mean, you guys switched volumes 4 and 5 around and cut out 80% of volume 5 out, so I am not without hope that you can make some…

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