This Blog is supposed to be about manga, anime and stuff, remember? Well, it was already quite some time since the last post about this topic. So here we go:

Name: Amnesia

Watch it for free here —> Amnesia-Online-English-Sub
(It opens in a new tab or window 😉 )

This anime is an adaptation of a Playstation Portable Game with the same name airing in Winter 2012-2013.

What is it about:
On the morning of August 1st, a girl wakes up to find she has lost all her memories before the day. A boy appears in front of her and tells her that he is a spirit named Orion, whose spirited collided with hers and caused her amnesia. He wishes to help her collect her lost memories. One day, she receives a phone call from an unknown man. He says he is her lover. She struggles not to let him…

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