Bulgogi Chan

Welcome to the first article of Otaku Quirks! In this column, I’ll be going over weird habits that only we, as Otakus, would have. Before we get down to the topic let’s first go over:

What is an Otaku?


Otaku: A slang term used towards people with an obsessive interest. Interests are not limited to anime and manga, but the term is mostly used for those categories.

When most people throw around the word “Otaku” it’s usually towards someone who has a keen interest in anime and manga, but it’s not exactly correct. If a person had a huge interest in anime, the proper term would be Anime Otaku (ani-ota for short). If certain people had an interest in computers, you would refer to them as Computer Otakus. In these articles, I will be using the word Otaku in the way that refers to anime and manga fans. Though it…

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