You’ve honestly hit all of the points that boggled my mind about this film. I just watched it a couple of days ago and I was severely disappointed with how the movie went. I can’t blame Brad Pitt for making such a movie because he tailored it to the “Hollywood” version instead of the book. I didn’t even read the book but I was already pissed at the functions of the movie’s “zombies” that possessed superhuman skills and the fact that THEY DONT EAT ANYTHING is what destroyed the entire piece to me. It was just a Mission: Impossible film starring Brad Pitt. 😦

Mahou Tofu

Whelp, the reviews are out on World War Z, and like my review of Man of Steel, the critics got it wrong, but in the other direction this time. If there was a movie to bash this summer, it’s World War Z. Weak plot, zero character development, plot holes, thrill-less, white washed, and anticlimactic. And yet while Man of Steel is at 56%, World War Z is enjoying a 67% rating. That’s almost a C! I dedicate this review to explaining why this film was F worthy, and how much potential was wasted in this endeavor.

The following article may contain spoilers. I refuse to tread carefully around a movie that lacks suspense, doesn’t immerse the audience in the story, and just isn’t worth anyone’s time.

World War Z, the movie is the story of Brad Pitt saving the world from the Zombie Apocalypse single handedly. No, seriously, they…

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