The Budding Philosopher

So now that I actually have time to write I have another post! Yay! (And for those who have no knowledge of/no interest in it, I promise this post is not all about Rurouni Kenshin). I haven’t finished Rurouni Kenshin yet and recently I’ve been too busy to make any progress in it. However, I have finished the Kyoto Arc, which got me thinkin’ about some things. Like in my last post on it I made mention of Kenshin’s realization that life is worth living, that he himself is an important person. The other topic which this arc made me wonder about was heroes vs. villains, the postmodern tendency to make everyone morally murky and say “That’s OK!,” and the trend in media to make people (especially women) sympathize with villains no matter how dastardly.

So I’m going to start with Shishio Makoto, since that’s where my train of thought…

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