I mentioned in the summer preview that Tamayura ~More Aggressive~ might be the season’s funniest title. I think many Tamayura fans can guess the reasoning behind the title, but since I heard the FAPcast guys wondering about it, there is probably no harm in elaborating.

Instead of a speech on loanwords and stuff, though, let me just translate/quote part of the “aggressive” entry from one online katakana buzzword dictionary:


(syn. assertive, proactive, offensive)

As many of you already know, this word is often used to describe positive and proactive behavior. However, dictionaries also mention a second meaning describing the offensive nature of actions or qualities.

The word is not suited to describing an attack meant to harm another person. Rather, it signifies progress in a positive and forward-looking way. A word which might be used when dealing with an indecisive and half-hearted colleague.

As you can see from…

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