Bulgogi Chan

Do you love Fate/Zero, but hated how the Aniplex release of the Blu-rays only cost about you know…400 dollars? Well that time is no more! Aniplex USA will be releasing the Fate/Zero series in 2 separate box sets. The Blu-ray will cost about $190 and the DVDs will cost about $90. Those are the retail prices but don’t get steamed! If you go on you can save yourself a few bucks!

On the Blurays will cost $149.98 and the DVDs $69.98. Those are pretty handy discounts if I’ve ever seen any, AND you get free economy shipping when your total price is over $49. CHA-CHING! Go on over to Rightstuf and get those discounts!


The difference between the Bluray releases of the North American release and the Japanese Import release is that the NA release doesn’t get a Drama CD (though it’s something that still makes me…

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