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An Original Video Animation of a Fairy Tail x Rave Master crossover has been announced!


“Natsu and gang come to a certain town for a request to take down an evil mage. However, when they arrive they encounter Ellie and another Plue?! A job request now turns into another crazy experience! Witness the fun, nostalgia with the characters from Rave Master interacting with the familiar cast of Fairy Tail!”

A manga crossover chapter was created in the past, but this new OVA will feature a new story written by Hiro Mashima himself, the creator of both series!

The OVA is set to release August 13, 2013. The OVA will be released with the Special Edition of Fairy Tail Volume 39. The retail price is set at 1980 yen.

-Source: http://m-p.sakura.ne.jp/

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