Bulgogi Chan

The storyboards of the first Attack on Titan opening, Guren no Yumiya, will be released to the public at Summer Comiket 84. The storyboards will contain the pre-production designs of the visuals for the opening and will contain comments from the director, Tetsura Araki. The storyboards will go on sale August 10, at the Pony Canyon booth (No. 212) located on the 4th floor. The price will be 2000 yen (tax included). Witness the very detail of the images that became one of the most popular anime openings EVER!

A DVD of the making of Attack on Titan episodes 1-3 will also be released at Summer Comiket 84. The disc will contain a behind the scenes look at episodes 1-3, the original PV (Preview Video) for the series, and the ending theme. Commentary on the behind the scenes will be given by Kyoji Asano (Character Designer and Chief Animation…

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