Mahou Tofu

The whimsical ONA series with some of the most interesting animation I’ve seen in a while is finally getting a full length series this fall. I had been meaning to watch Kyousogiga for the longest time, and now it looks like I finally have a good excuse. The series will be comprised of 13 total episodes, two of which are recap episodes (likely summarizing the events of the ONA series).

The story of the ONA series revolves around three kids stuck in a peculiar city and are trying to find a way a home. They’re also chasing a rabbit so it might as well be Alice in Wonderland. The anime series will be produced by Toei Animation and the music will be composed by Gou Shiina (Tales of Legendia), which I’m thoroughly excited for.

Check out the website (which is still a test page as of posting…

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