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tz7egwkI’m really excited with this newly broadcast anime, Danganronpa The Animation. I believe this anime adapts the Visual Novel game entitled Dangan Ronpa: Hope’s Academy and Despair’s Students. The story is about 15 students who is invited to the Hope’s Peak Academy, a prestigious school who accepts talented students. Before I go to deep, this review is based on episode 1-4 so if you guys haven’t watched that particular episodes you might want to stay clear of this review for a moment but I promise I will not reveal important or sensitive story plot. I will just tell you the general background story.

On that note, let’s get started. Makoto Naegi, a seemingly normal boy, got invited to Hope’s Peak Academy to enrolled as a student there. What he think that this new high school life would be full of hope turns out to be the reversed. On his first…

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