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Howl's Moving Castle


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PLOT:Howl’s Moving Castle is loosely based off of the novel, by the same name, written by popular young adult writer Diana Wynne Jones. Having read the book prior to watching the movie, I see this Studio Ghibli film as an utter train wreck. The original story was already a bit confusing, but Miyazaki’s grandiose style does more to befuddle rather than to clarify the plot. Many movie adaptations seek to simplify to be conservative with time, but Howl’s Moving Castle stretches out an already complex plot into a ton of fragmented sub-plots, all more confusing and sketchy than the last.

Speaking as an artist, it’s better to put one or two good ideas into a piece of work, rather than trying to throw in everything all at once. Howl’s Moving Castle suffers from being branded. Since it’s a Miyazaki film it…

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