Mahou Tofu

BSIDLC-BaSE1-BurialAtSeaEpisode1For months, many have wondered what the DLC for Bioshock Infinite would be. By now, most gamers have already gone through Infinite’s jaw-dropping emotional rollercoaster of a story. Not one to let their fans down, Irrational has now come out with information regarding their upcoming DLC, and boy does it look like the wait was worth it.

Clash in the Clouds is the first DLC to be released, which should be out already at the time of this writing. Clash in the Clouds is comprised of four challenge maps and pits you against 15 waves of enemies. It’s essentially Bioshock’s version of Horde mode, with it’s own unique twists. Each map presents a different challenge for the player to complete as they fight through wave after wave of enemies. Leaderboards will also keep track of stats for each map so you can compete with others for the top ranks. Also…

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