Bulgogi Chan

Namco Bandai just released their latest commercial for the new GREE mobile game, Sword Art Online: End World, on their Youtube page.

The game was announced a few months back and was released back around March.

The game takes place in the virtual reality game, Sword Art Online, and instead of playing as Kirito, you play as your own original character. Choose your class, weapons, skills, armor, and more!
Within the game, you can meet characters from the story, like Kirito and Asuna, and you can meet original characters and form parties with them. Raid the dungeons of Aincrad and move your way up the floors!

The game received the Award of Excellence during the Gree 2013 Platform Awards.

Makes me wish even more that there was a real SAO game. Hopefully within 10 years, Oculus Rift can further evolve and we’ll get the Virtual Reality game of our…

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