Bulgogi Chan

I’ve been off the radar for a while, but I have a very good reason for this. I’ve been spending my entire weekend and more playing Persona 3 FES. After finishing The Journey portion of the game, I return with news of the movie adaptation!

The official website for the Persona 3 movie has been updated with a premiere date, new trailers, and ticketing information. 2 more trailers are to be released in the future.

The movie will be expected to receive a premiere date on November 23 (2 days after a Full Moon unfortunately). Limited edition advance ticket sales have been released and are limited in number, so first come first serve. The limited edition tickets include 2 bonuses:

  • Persona 3 Character Clear File
  • Persona 3 Leaflet

The clear files come in 3 different versions including a different character for each: Minato Arisato (aka Makoto Yuki in the…

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