Mahou Tofu

People enjoy things that come in 3’s. Trilogies are fun when it comes to things like the Christopher Nolan Batman and the original Star Wars. We beg for games like Half Life 3 and Dead or Alive 3. People rejoiced when The World God Only Knows was getting a third season. Unfortunately, much like a Gabe Newell game, many series in Japan do not get a third installment. Movies and OVA’s can only do so much for fans that want to see the continuation of their favorite stories. We can only stumble upon so many manga and light novel spoilers before we say enough is enough. Here is a lit of five series that I think are deserving of a third season. They are all quality series, but we may have differing opinions because I did not watch all of K-On! yet. Well, there is a special section after the…

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