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Mouretsu Pirates movie bar thingy


Back in my G-View (Mouretsu Pirates) and my Fav Anime of 2012list, I used one word to describe this anime…PERFECT.

Suffice to say, I am eagerly awaiting this movie’s eventual fansubbing next year. Hopefully the Blu-Ray won’t take long to hit store shelves because I want to enjoy this movie in all its HD splendor…ALL OF IT!

This trailer doesn’t say much, other than give some hints about the plot and shows of the Magnificent Captain Marika Kato in a new red pirate outfit.

From SGCafe:

“The preview is very Evangelion-like in nature, flashing text to describe what the movie will be out. It is largely meant to mimic the pirate transmission system Marika used to defeat her foes in the finale. The keywords for it include “The Golden Seven”, letter of marque, the Flint System, and the infinite beyond. It ends on…

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