Symphogear – the show full of moon-throwing, water-walking and songs of mass destruction. There are many aspects of the show which just beg for an in-depth analysis, so forgive this blogger for being obsessed with names, of all things. But with a show where everything has many meanings, peeling off the layers is too sweet a temptation.

When we begin begin our journey with the series, we meet Amou Kanade and Kazanari Tsubasa, two young singers making up the Zwei Wing unit. With one of the duo’s wings to be found in Tsubasa’s first name (翼、wing) and the other in Kanade’s last name (天羽, heavenly feather/wing), the reasoning behind the unit’s name is no mystery. But we see the symbolism extend further as Tsubasa develops throughout the first season. First of all, the two wings are a symbol of unity – only together can they grant the…

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