About the Reblogger

One of my role models. Really.

Hello! Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the blog.

Don’t ask about my name; it’s generic with no meaning behind it. I just simply liked the name at the time so it became a habit for my online name to become like this. I enjoy reading manga and books, watching anime, playing games, and socializing with people from time to time.

I won’t deny that I am a very biased person, but I always take into account the views and perspectives of someone else. I can easily be persuaded with strong facts, evidence, and clear points that help me understand a certain viewpoint from a different angle. I have no specific taste in what I watch or read. If I like it, I like it; if I don’t, then I’ll pass. From my past, I wanted to be an episodic blogger for a few days but knowing that I wouldn’t gain much out of it – and the fact that many were already doing it – I know my posts wouldn’t be unique and would not show much taste or preference in my writing style. I consider my English language to be decent at best since I grew up learning it as my second – and dominant – language. However, I’m not very confident with my own writing style. I can be ignorant of how I write at times and it would simply mess things up for the pacing and coherency of the content that I would write.

At best, being a reblogger will be enough for me right now. I don’t plan on making more commitments(right…) or promises I can’t keep. Other than that, there’s nothing else really. I would make this longer but that would only bore people to death. I just want people to have a good time reading on this blog and being exposed to other bloggers out there.

The point of this blog is that I enjoy what you produce, and I reblog it for the benefit that other people might stumble upon it.


REMINDER: In no way am I taking any credit for what I reblog here such as the images or the reblogged content. If you don’t want me to reblog any of your posts here, please notify me immediately. All content is linked back to their respective places so I can’t take any credit for it at all. I do, however, reserve the right to like your blog. 😛


This is a small draft but I will update this later on.

You can contact me here.


5 thoughts on “About the Reblogger”

  1. Hi i just stopped by to say I’ve seen you everywhere! i mean really, you helped me find other Anime Blogs for that i thank you ^_^

    • Hey, I just followed you too! I hope you can make more content for me to read and I’m thankful that you commented! You made my day! Here’s to hoping that you’ll also introduce me to other people’s content as well as yours!

      Thank you, and it’s the least I can do!

  2. neighborhoodotaku said:

    I am very interested by the blog that you run, as it is something that I have never come across before on WordPress. It is very cool to know that there are others out there who do respect the content that I post enough to share it with others, whether they agree with it or not, and I appreciate what you are doing. It gives me a place where I can receive more feedback for my own articles as well as discover the writing of others. Honestly though, I think that you actually have a strong intellectual grasp on the English language, and that you could easily begin your own posts if the propensity ever came to you.

    • I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t have the mental fortitude to write about anime or any other medium since I don’t watch or read all that often anymore. I’m not sure if I’m outgrowing it, or I just have an irrational ability to not consume media these past few years except a few movies. I think it’s the latter. Also, I wrote that Reblogger post years ago, and funny enough, it still very much reflects the philosophy I have. I actually forgot that I wrote that post since 2012. Just goes to show my inactivity and weakness to commitments.

      Nonetheless, if there’s anything wrong with me reblogging your content, I’ll stop immediately. I just simply reblog things that I deem interesting and hope that other people may visit that content if they so choose. Thanks again for the response.

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